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Who does not like an easy appetizer recipe??? Making ceviche will always be a hit where it goes and we are going to show you how to do it. 

The key to a good ceviche is to use fresh and good quality ingredients, this does not mean an expensive one but good. What kind of fish to use for this depends on how close do you live from the ocean. Of course here in Aruba, you do not have any excuse for using frozen fish when you're able to find a fresh one from the port or our supermarkets. One of the most commons ones to use is snapper, flounder, mahi-mahi, grouper, tilapia, or any white fish. If you don’t live close to the ocean, frozen fish will work also. 

What we love about ceviche, is how colorful could it be and how versatile the recipe behaves depending on what ingredients you like the most.  In our personal opinion the combination of citric with fresh fish, with a bunch of pepper and mango makes it perfect for any occasion. 

So let's prepare it and you will see how simple it is and how great this recipe works. 

Yield: 4 servings
Course: Appetizer
Cuisine: Mexican
Prep Time: 20 Min 
Cook Time: 2 hr 
Total time: 2:20 hr 
Author: Haisa Avila @redbeyondfood
Photo Credit: Jonathan Petit @callmepetit 


    6 Fish Fillets 
    1 garlic head
    Fresh cilantro 
    2 red onions 
    1 kg of lime 
    ½ Red pepper or Green pepper
    Olive oil 
    Salt & Pepper to taste 
    Red pepper flakes (optional) 
    1 Mango (optional)
    Yellow Corn Chips 


      • Cut the fish in bites pieces and place it in a large glass bowl
      • Squeeze the limes until it covers the fish. Cover with paper film and let it cook in the fridge for 2 hours. 
      • Start cutting in small pieces all the fresh veggies. Peppers, parsley, onions, and avocado in small cubes, and the garlic. Mix all together and set aside. 
      • After 2 hours, pour out the lime of the bowl and mix with all the veggies. Add a little bit more of fresh lime juice, salt & pepper, olive oil. Use salt & pepper to taste. 
      • Use some chips as a companion. 
      • Enjoy.

        • You can prepare the fish ahead or even prepare it the night before. 
        • You can add lots of lime o lemons if you like citric. If you don’t, just use the minimum quantity to cover the fish and to let it cook. 
        • You can add some hot pepper or any hot sauce if you like it hot. 
        • You can use all the veggies of the recipe or only red onion and will be as good as the complete recipe. 
        • We try to use fresh fish but frozen white fish will work perfectly too. 
        • You can use bread, chips, tortillas, and crackers as a companion. 
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